Intra Operative RT

Targeted  Intraoperative  Radiotherapy with  INTRABE

The trend in oncological therapy is moving towards the targeted,  risk- adapted  and interdisciplinary treatment  of tumors.
INTRABEAM®, the innovative radiotherapy system from Carl Zeiss, is an ideal system for these requirements.
INTRABEAM uses low-energy, X-ray photons to deposit the high-dose radiation directly into the tumor or the tumor bed. The result is a localised and highly effective therapy.
INTRABEAM provides key benefits for the intraoperative irradiation of solid tumors

  • Localised tumor control – targeted effectiveness
  • Localised irradiation with a high radio-biological effectiveness
  • Practical mobility and fast workflow integration
  • Versatility of the clinical application
  • Higher quality of life outcomes and treatment comfort for patients