MMC is dedicated to provide the highest quality products and customer service through representing a very selective group of Multinational Companies to the  European, Middle East and African (EMEA) Markets.
MMC is pioneer in the field of Technical and Application Training; we can provide onsite and customized Training Courses to our Local Distributors and Customers.
MMC goal is to share our sales, technical expertise and resources with our new partners in EMEA to improve the quality of Health Care Services in their countries.
MMC growth strategy is to look with great attention to the EMEA Medical Device Markets and we do have plans of Direct Investment in several African Countries by having branches of MMC in these countries or to assign Local Distributors to represent our products.

MMC is specialized in the Fields/Products of :
1 Urology: Laser Lithotripters, Endoscopes, Urodynamic.
2 Nuclear Medicine: Gamma Camera.
3 Radiology: Digital & Conventional X-Ray.
4 Surgery: Operating Tables, Electrosurgical, Surgical Drill, Microwave Ablation.
5 Sterilization: Steam & Gas Sterilizers.
6 Infant Care: Baby Incubators, Phototherapy.
7 Bone Densitometry: Ultrasound and X-Ray.
8 Heart Diagnosis: ECG, Monitors, Fetal Monitors & Doppler, Pulse Oximeter, BPM, Defibrillators.
9 Special MRI Monitors: Vital & Patient MRI Monitors.
10-Sleep Apnea Therapy: CPAP, BPAP, Auto CPAP, Auto BPAP,Nebulizers.
11-Others: Infusion Pump, Syringe Pump, PCA Pump, Air Mattress (Cell Bubble), Sphygmomanometer, Peak Flow Meter, Stethoscopes,
Digital thermometer, Scale, Body Fat.
12- Beauty & Skin Care: Peloid Face Mask.